Alfa Laval Mixproof Valves

Category: Valves / Tubes & Fittings

Brand: Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval’s versatile mixproof valves feature a simple design, with two seals instead of the traditional three for ease of maintenance. Unique mixproof valves and SMP Mixproof Valve are the 2 ranges.

Alfa Laval supplies several different designs of mixproof valves, all with leakage detection, that help boost reliability and safety levels. They enable you to design versatile set-ups that are both costeffective and  low-maintenance, as well as providing you with important new processing opportunities. These include the Unique mixproof valve concept and the SMP range.

Unique Mixproof Horizontal Tank Outlet Valve- Offers the same basic advantages as Unique mixproof valves but is specially designed for horizontal mounting directly on the tank wall. It improves cleanliness of the horizontal tank connections and ensures that no area of the tank inlet or tank outlet is left uncleaned.

Unique mixproof valves- enable the simultaneous flow of two different products or fluids through the same valve without risk of cross-contamination. This enhances plant flexibility and efficiency of the dairy, food and beverage, and biopharm industries.

SMP Mixproof Valve- Ideal for handling sanitary process flows through matrix piping systems, SMP mixproof valves are standardized, cost-effective alternatives to Unique mixproof valves.

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