Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchangers

Category: Pumps / Heat Exchangers

Brand: Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval’s heat exchangers are developed not only to meet your demands for safety, efficiency and hygiene, but also to ensure the  careful handling of your products.

Gasketed plate heat exchangers- are a compact and efficient heat transfer solution. Alfa Laval’s gasketed models are designed for exceptional control, which makes them ideal for heating and cooling duties in demanding hygienic processes. Holding the plates together are sturdy, pressure-graded frames with hygienic and labour-saving features. These offer great flexibility for expansion or rebuilding, as well as small ports that enable CIP (cleaning-inplace) without specialized pumps. There are 4 series in this type of heat exchangers: the AlfaCond, AlfaQ, AlfaVap and Baseline series.

Fusion-bonded Plate Heat Exchangers (AlfaNova) – manufactured from 100% stainless steel. Often employed to heat water or CIP (cleaning-in-place) solution by means of water and steam, they can also be used for general heating and cooling duties. This range of heat exchangers include the AlfaNova, AlfaNovaM, AXP AN and RM ranges.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers- a result of high heat transfer coefficients, small hold-up volumes and the use of thin materials. The stainless steel plates are brazed into a package without the use of gaskets, with copper serving as the brazing material. Resistant to heat, pressure, vibration, and above all corrosion, brazed heat exchangers are perfect in utilities such as heating water with steam. The range of Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers are the DOC, CB, AXP and AC ranges.

Welded Plate & Block Heat Exchangers- Compabloc and Compabloc Free Flow ranges welded plate-and-block heat exchangers provides compact and efficient heat transfer for a wide range of clean and dirty process duties. Full and easy cleanability on both circuits makes it the most service friendly welded heat exchanger on the market. Models in this range include the Compabloc and Compabloc Freeflow.

Welded Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers- provide efficient heat transfer with compact footprint, for demanding process applications. They are designed for high pressure and high temperature, providing security when dealing with dangerous fluids. The heat exchangers are used in a wide range of cooling, heating, evaporation and condensing duties. Products in this range include the Alfa Rex and Packinox HE series.

Welded Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers- offer ultimate robustness for challenging high pressure process duties. They are designed for high temperatures and high pressures, primarily for clean process fluids. The units deliver efficient heat transfer with a small footprint, which makes them ideal where space is restricted. There are 4 series in this type of heat exchangers: the DuroCore, DuroShell and Ziepack series.

Welded Spiral Heat Exchangers- the ultimate problem solver in extremely dirty and fouling process duties. The self-cleaning features inherent in the design, give unparalleled uptime between service intervals and quick and easy service turn-around. There are 4 models in this type of heat exchangers: the ALSHE Cond, ALSHE STW, Type 1 and Type 2 models.

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